The most productive holiday of your life. 

16th - 22nd December 2021
Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Take a break, make new friends, build your empire.

This week long Mastermind Retreat is the launchpad we wish we had when we first started our online business.

Learn essential knowledge in the morning during our Masterclasses, implement during the day, then relax and socialize at night.

You will benefit from our 20 years of combined knowledge as freedompreneurs, aswell as implement a meditation practise, so you can step into 2022 centered, motivated and in the 'know' on all things online business.

Wether you're looking to become a coach, launch a program, host retreats or create content. What you'll learn in this week will cut down your learning curve by years, so you can leap ahead and catch the 2022 wave.

During this retreat you'll learn how to:

✔ Create great work that gives real value to your customers
✔ Build a strong brand that looks legit and you're proud of
✔ See new opportunities by understanding real human needs
✔ Tell your story in a way that cuts through the noise
✔ Create authentic & valuable connections with your customers
✔ Leverage automation to do more with less for less.
✔ Countless other lessons, hacks, apps, insights, strategies

Learning everything yourself through trial and error is an opportunity cost. Don't go it alone, trust us, we know.

The world is changing quickly, and you need a guide and support group to get you up to speed. That's what this week together will provide. 

Learn from our many successes and mistakes.

Save time, money and struggle and shortcut your learning curve.

Are you looking to become location independent and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle?

Do you want to create online programs that make money while you sleep?

Do you have all the passion, but lack the 'know-how' to put it all together?

Are you ready to take that leap and start your dream online business?


the neighborhood

✔ You want to build a business so you can work remotely but don't quite know how to make it work.

✔ You are (or want to be) a coach who wants to create online programs and make money while you sleep.

✔ You are a content creator looking to produce something of value that you can sell. 

✔ You are still trying to find your 'big idea' for online business and once you know it you wants to hit the ground running.

who this retreat is for

Self Belief
Goal Setting

social media


sales pages



workshops on topics including

By the end of this Retreat you will:

✔ Know how to build a website that positively represents your brand

✔ Know how to create Social Content that spreads organically and converts

✔ Know how to monetise your knowledge and expertise by building courses

✔ Know how to position your brand and story so it communicates powerfully

✔ Gain a range of tools, systems and programs to create value with

✔ Know how, where and when to get help by outsourcing & consulting

✔ Know how to create an online asset that people buy while you sleep 

✔ See opportunities everywhere to leverage our ever changing world. 

✔ Know how to plan, track and practically manifest your goals 

✔ Know how to regulate your mind and emotions and avoid burnout. 

✔ Join a Mastermind of fellow entrepreneurs on the same journey as you.

Create your accountability support system, and increase your chances of reaching and surpassing your goals, sooner and with fulfilment and joy. 

8.30 AM - Group Meditation

9 AM - Breakfast

9.30 AM - Masterclass (2-3 Hours)

12.30 PM - Free time to work & explore

6 PM - Group Dinner at Villa or Out

7 PM - Evening Chill
(Cocktails, Socialising, Movie/Doco Nights)



6 Nights Accomodation
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the Villa
Daily Masterclasses by Rochelle & Chris


Here are some milestones.

In 2010 I (Chris) was doing freelance graphic design for nightclubs in Australia, whilst sitting on my laptop at a beachclub in Mykonos. Even though I was travelling through Europe I was still able to generate thousands per week creating posters, logos and advertising banners for the biggest nightclubs in Sydney. It was around this time I realised that the world was changing fast, and I was at the forefront of a new way of making a living.

In 2012 we (Roch & Soll) created a travel blog called, which we filled with photos and articles from our travels. Once we had some traction on instagram and google, we reached out to Hotels, offering our photography and social media promo services. Using our method if pitching, we secured over $20k worth of free travel to five star resorts in places like Fiji, Greece and Indonesia.

In 2014 we launched our first e-commerce brand called 'IAMU Collective' which was a trend based metallic temporary tattoo brand. By working with influencers we managed to launch the business with momentum and generated over $100k in sales by the 3rd month. Eventually we sold over 10,000 units and even had Sephora contact us about stocking the brand.

In 2016 we launched Mindspo, our online learning platform to spread what we were most passionate about, creating better mental health through meditation. We built a website, produced an online video course, and began marketing it. Our first video promo went viral via facebook, reaching over 3 million people. The programs we've created have since changed 1,000's of lives and it has been our most fulfilling venture, receiving powerful testimonials on a weekly basis.

In 2019 we launched Mindspo Retreats to create in-person transformational experiences, bringing together community, travel, fun, partying and wisdom into life-changing week long experiences. Through our momentum we managed to raise funds to rent our own private Mega-Mansion in Bali, where we hosted 13 incredible retreats. We've now brought our community together in Mykonos & Bali, and expanding now into Cyprus and beyond.

What lies ahead?

✔ Chris is building 100 consciousness expanding apps
✔ Rochelle is writing books and hosting speaking engagements
✔ We plan on more online workshops and live retreats
✔ We're building more high value online programs promoted through content 
✔ Who knows, whatever we want! And you can do it to :)

We're gonna give it to you straight.

We've failed, failed, and failed again... but we've also had some wins!

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€2,997 / £2,499 per person

This is our first Business Retreat and the price won't be this low again.


Here's a little recap from our last Retreat in Mykonos Sep 2021


How many spots are available?
We have 24 spots available. 

Is this retreat open to all genders?
YES, this is a unisex retreat open to all.

Can I share a room with a friend or partner?
Yes, of course. This retreat is also great for couples who work together. 

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, we can split the retreats cost into two. If you need a special payment plan to make it happen. Reach out and we'll see what we can do.

Are flights included?
Getting to the retreat venue is for you to organise. It's an easy trip from Larnaca Airport.

Do I need a Vaccine to attend the retreat?
This retreat follows the guidelines of travel into Cyprus. As of right now no vaccines are required for entry into Cyprus. You are however required to present a negative covid test upon travel. You are responsible for checking where you are flying from and the relevant restrictions. We do not discriminate based on vaccine status.

Are the masterclasses / meals held inside?
The villas allow for indoor and outdoor, it depends on the weather during the day. We're told December in this part of Cyprus is still sunny and 15-20degrees for 70% of the month. So bring clothes for summer and cool evenings. 

Is drinking/alcohol allowed?
Yes, responsible drinking is welcome. However please note no Alcohol is included in the price of your retreat. You can arrange your own beverages and snack from the nearby locals. 

What is your refund policy? 
Please read our terms & conditions here

Do I need anything to come to the retreat?
You must bring your best self and you also must have valid travel insurance covering your trip to Cyprus. We will send you a packing list upon booking, ahead of your travel date. 

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Business in the front, party at the back.